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    Don't know if my question belongs here or in the Amplifier Central thread so I'm going to post it there too.
    My question is if you have a amp that only has one Tone Knob would using a 3-5 band EQ Pedal work like the 3 band EQ (low, mid, high) that are built into bigger amps?
    The amps I'm referring to would be the Orange Micro Terror Dark and Randall RD5H Diavlo, both of these have FX loops.

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    Re: Pedal Amp Help

    not exactly but it would give you much more potential tonal versatility. i have a few amps with volume and tone knobs and they can be great if they are tuned properly but seldom do everything well


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      Re: Pedal Amp Help

      Welcome to the forum!

      It would work differently, as the signal is hitting the EQ at a different point in the signal chain. But it can still work remarkably well.
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        Re: Pedal Amp Help

        Probably the most underrated trick in my opinion if you're wanting to tweak your amp's tone. Like Jeremy said, it won't be exactly the same and as Mincer said it will be at in different stage of the amp's signal path. The tone control of the Tiny Terror (I know you're talking about the Dark Terror here) is just a simple variable high-cut located just before the power amp section.


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          Fish and Chips


          Have an Orange CR-60. The clean channel has only bass and treble controls. As this amp seems dark to me, I start with the T and B to noon. Then set up the amp with an original fish and Chips in the loop. So as I change guitars, attitudes, weather, or different beers I just adjust the B and T as needed.

          Going in the loop or in front are two different animals.

          To answer your question - Yes! I also use it as a boost going into the front my little Ibanez tube amp and it makes a good boost.

          The Fish and Chips was dirt cheep many years ago and I think I paid about 29 bucks for it and its still running. Bought it to use with an old [end of the 80's Fender SS Princeton - wish I kept that amp ] Sometimes it has an off day and starts screaming like a run-away air raid siren, so I just tap her couple of time and it goes back to behaving itself.

          Made of plastic - dirt cheap - not the most quiet Eq so keep the adjustments to modest levels - Consider this pedal a best buy.
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