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Drive pedal for quilter amp

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  • Drive pedal for quilter amp

    Looking for some suggestions for a drive pedal for a quilter 101. I typically use either the surf (fender-ish) or jazz setting for my clean tone.

    Currently have a suhr eclipse which just seems to fall a bit flat to me.

    Ideally looking for something with a british flavor that can do at least up to medium-high gain. I'd be happy with something medium gain if it can stack well with something else to get up to higher gain levels.

    The quilter is on the darker side, so looking for something that can give some brightness.

    I've been looking at the SIB Cuda and like the idea of it adding some tube warmth.

    Also considering the DLS MKiii and the Neunaber Neuron.

    The music store near me doesn't have any of these, so I can't really try in advance.

    Hoping someone has tried some of these and can offer some opinions or other suggestions.


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    Keeley has something called the Oxblood that's supposed to be their take on the Klon. I like how it sounds in the demos that I've heard.

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      I really like my 101 Mini, however for drive I typically use a ZVex Distortron, last in chain, for Ďamp grití, and run fuzz into Distortron into Quilter.

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        DLS woukd be a good choice, JHS AT+ is a good ome also for the British tone.
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          the dls is a good marshally pedal for sure