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Digital Delay with Foot Switchable time signature

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  • Digital Delay with Foot Switchable time signature

    Good day,

    Does anyone know of a digital delay pedal that let's the user switch the time signature (quarter note, dotted eight, and etc) using a footswitch of some kind.

    The Way Huge Supa Puss (which is an analog delay) has this feature. This is my current pedal I'm using, but it randomly resets the tap tempo, which it also has. I haven't taken it apart to figure out what's causing this as it's not supposed to do that.

    Regardless, I was thinking of trying a digital delay anyway.

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    Most programmable digital delays will allow this, providing that setting isn't global.
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      Tap tempo?
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          My latest digital delay was the Digitech Obscura and I couldn't be happier. So I suggest to put that one on your "to check out" list. It can do what you want (and then some ), but not how you want it. If I understnad right you are looking for an option to do the rythmic changes while playing and that seems to be a very cool feature on the Supa Puss to be able to cycle through the subdivisions using a footswitch and actually the Supa Puss is the only one that I know of having that feature (not that I'm some kind of delay pedal know-it-all, but still...).


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            Yes, I want to be able to footswitch the time divisions directly on the pedal.

            It would be cool as a feature like the Supa Puss has, but if it has it with a preset that I have to change, that would be acceptable too.

            Most digital delays let the user switch the time divisions, but not all let the user do so with a footswitch exclusively.
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              I don't know of any that let you footswitch it, the TC Flashback has a switch for changing the subdivisions.

              FWIW, time signatures are a totally different thing.


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                I think you just mean rhythmic subdivisions. But any delay pedal that can save presets should be able to save what the tap tempo 'taps' are. You just save what you want in each preset.
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                  True, you should be able to save the subdivision along with the other settings on pretty much any programmable delay, like the DD500, Nova Delay, or Strymon or Source Audio delays, they are all pretty spendy though.


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                    The only way I could think to get at divisions would be with a midi/expression supported pedal and program an expression pedal or controller to modify that parameter. I haven't seen a delay pedal with a footswitch for time divisions.
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