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Wiring volume pot AB switch

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  • Wiring volume pot AB switch


    i would like to add a volume pot to one of the outputs of the AB switch. In the image below i made a sketch.. should this be the right way? And what kind of pot is best to use ?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	p.jpeg?size=2048x1536&size_mode=3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	44.9 KB ID:	6006399

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    The location of the pot might work. I don't get what switch that is or it's position functions, since they are not depicted. Specs for the pot depends on the signal being put through it and what it's connected to.
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      Took a minute to figure that out, but yes, it works.

      I assume that on "B" the ground is supposed to go to the ground lug.


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        Uhm yeah thats right sorry. I would like to have one output with a volume control.


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          That will do it. And I like how you "short out" the deselected jack. That will be good for noise control.