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Keep gain, rolling volume down

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  • Keep gain, rolling volume down

    Hi there.

    Is there a way to keep the gain at max on my amp(ac30) when rolling the volume down of my a/b switch with volume pot ? Now when i'm turning down the volume to get the same volume as the clean(normal) channel the gain is getting lower.



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    This is a concept of gain staging. If you are getting clipping from the AC30’s preamp, you would need to roll back volume after the preamp (in the effects loop). A lot of players have a volume pedal in the loop to control overall volume.

    What’s the overall usage of your A/B box? What is the overall goal?
    Oh no.....

    Oh Yeah!


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      I use the a/b box to switch the top boost and normal channel of my ac30cc1. I installed the a/b into the original vox footswitch where you can also tap for reverb. But when i want both channels to match volume i have to much breakup on the normal channel. And when lowering the volune if the top boost the breakup is too little