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Catalinbread DLS (Dirty little secret) V2.2 MKI volume pot

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  • Catalinbread DLS (Dirty little secret) V2.2 MKI volume pot


    I've got a Catalinbread DLS MKI V2.2 since a week now. Sound is good but the volume pot is really sensitive..

    When the pot is at 0 and i turned it to get volume it gets extremely loud! i have the volume at 0.5/1 to match the volume of my amp(AC30). Is this normal with this pedal? Whem i'm watching youtube videos i can see that they all run the volume at 12oclock or so.. when i'm trying that my ears fall off..

    anyone experience this?

    I want to have this pedal to get distorted(ala slash) sound on my top boost channel that is already in overdrive. (Still not really satisfied tho)



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    a buddy of mine had one and i dont remember the volume being that sensitive. how high do you have the gain?


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      Gain at noon and sometimes at max. But that doesnt change a lot.


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        I had one a few years ago and didnít have that issue. Sounds like something is wrong there. Can you exchange for a new unit?


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          i dont think they have made the mkI for a long time


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            Originally posted by jeremy View Post
            i dont think they have made the mkI for a long time
            Tbh, Iím not sure which version I had then.
            It was probably about 5-6 years ago.


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              the mki had three knobs and a switch, the mkii had four knobs, the mkiii has five knobs


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                Talk about sensitive, I run mine at 18v for extra headroom!!!

                I set the level differently for different amps but I don’t think it’s ever been past 11:00? In regards to running it through my AC-30, I find that setting the level knob between 9:00 & 9:30 & my gain up around 11:00, is about perfect.

                Anything past that is too much!!!
                I live in Northern New Hampshire, we shoot the things we don't understand here???