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Boss CE-2 volume drop and no effect

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  • Boss CE-2 volume drop and no effect

    I have a Boss CE-2 which I haven't used in a number of years, but was working perfectly fine the last time I had interactions with it. Took it out today, put in the battery, but I can't seem to hear any effect. Also, if I strum really hard at times the volume drops significantly, similar as to when an amplifier needs electrolytes changed.

    Could it be the same thing? And if yes, which electrolytes need to be swapped out?

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    Is it a good battery, have another battery or wall wart to try
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      Originally posted by Hsb View Post
      Is it a good battery, have another battery or wall wart to try

      tried 3 batteries and off the wall and still get the same thing


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        This effect should be pretty pronounced, so I am not sure what is wrong. Rate at 9:00 and Depth at 4:00 is a classic sound that you should absolutely hear.
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          The old CE-2 needs the Boss ACA adapter, not the modern PSA adapter if that is an option. A fresh battery would be fine. Otherwise, sounds like a cap or two may need replacing. If is in fact a true vintage CE-2, replacing all the electrolytic capacitors would be ideal. They are low voltage but can still go bad. They are also polarized so make sure to put the new ones in the same way you took the old ones out. Usually indicated by a minus sign going vertical on one side by one of the leads.