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  • NPD: Tom's Line Tuner

    I am trying to shrink the footprint on my board. I am replacing my huge KORG tuner with a mini. I ended up getting Tom's Line Mini Chromatic Tuner. It was $19 shipped and so far it has proven itself to be very accurate and sensitive. It has a calibration button and what I call an idiot button. Using the idiot button you can set the tuner to Eb but it will still display EADGBA in case you can't figure out what that other flat note values would be. When engaged you will see the note value represented by a huge letter for us old guys with bad eyes.

    From what I have read the hot pedal from these guys is their Plexion Overdrive which is a mini-Marshall in a box. Once again for short money.

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    I have the On Stage version of it and seems to work just fine. I will say every so often, esp if I have my OD pedal on, there is some bleed through. Tuner is first in line followed by my mini Tumnus and if they are both on, Ill hear a faint note being played. Doesnt happen if my Tumnus is off though. May affect you guys that play out more than me playing at home.
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