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Good distortion pedal for a modded-Marshall type sound?

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  • Good distortion pedal for a modded-Marshall type sound?

    Hey folks. Any recommendations for a good modded-Marshall type distortion/overdrive pedal? Looking for a sound that is hard rock and 90s alternative with a dash of old-school metal. I'd like EQ (but not mandatory if the basic tone is right on) and something with an amp-like feel. Currently thinking of a Friedman BE-OD, Wampler Sovereign, and possibly a Keeley DS-1 Ultra.

    I'm changing my rig up a bit and going into a clean Quilter (which sounds fantastic on it's own, btw). I haven't had to rely on pedal-only distortion for 10+ years so I'm playing catch-up here!

    LMK what y'all think.

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    of the options you mentioned, the be-od is my favorite, but the sovereign is the most versatile.
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      Man, the world is your oyster. There are so many Marshall In A Box options out there. This would be the nuclear option.

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        Sovereign is more Mesa than Marshall. Take a peak at the Pinnacle us or the JHS AT V2. Both Marshall based pedals with a TS type boost.

        Pinnacle is the EVH kinda thing with a TS boost, the JHS AT V2 is Andy Timmons pedal w a TS boost.
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          I'd bet that something by AMT could also fit the bill. Especially going into a Quilter. That's right, the M2.

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            the catalinbread dls is a great marshall pedal into a clean amp, the dls red has more gain and upper mids if thats your flavor


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              The Sovereign is closer to an old a school distortion box, the Triple Wreck is Mesa, the Plexidrive is Marshall and the Pinnacle is brown sound modded Marshall.

              What I like about the Pinnacle is that it’s JFET based and has a more of the squeeze and compression that an amp has than a straight distortion pedal. It’s been my main distortion for years with clean Fender amp.
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                Originally posted by Securb View Post
                Man, the world is your oyster. There are so many Marshall In A Box options out there. This would be the nuclear option.

                This box does a great job, and it nails the dynamics, too. You can also check out the Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi pedal, too.
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                  Take a look at the Bombastortion pedal.


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                    Victory preamps are worth a look - Sheriff or Kraken will cover this ground.

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                      Blackstar HT-Dual


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                        Sorry for the interruption.

                        Originally posted by jeremy View Post
                        the catalinbread dls is a great Marshall pedal into a clean amp, the dls red has more gain and upper mids if thats your flavor
                        Hi Jeremy,

                        Since I first saw the pedal, I've been interested in trying the red DLS and wondering if it is a worth while upgrade over the last grey version.

                        As you mentioned upper mids, I think of the pedal's Super Lead mode, and I usually use the Super Bass mode.

                        Would you be willing to compare the Super Bass mode of both the grey and red versions and give me your opinion?

                        Generally, I'm running the last version of the grey DLS [ in Super Bass Mode ] --- > Orange Crush 60 with V30.
                        The DLS gain is usually between half and three quarters, I fill in the top with the treble and mids, and control overall volume from my guitar.
                        Sometimes I use the DLS with my other amps, however, there are other drive pedals that I prefer with them.

                        Thanks for your time.


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                          Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi
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                          TC Electronics Dark Matter (very underrated)
                          Marshall Guv'Nor
                          Carl Martin Plexi Tone
                          Carl Martin Panama

                          Good luck mate !
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                            i only own a dls mkii, but ive played both the red and mkiii. i prefer the superbass mode in both as well for a more jtm45 type thing. the red has more gain and a more aggressive tone in both modes, id still use the super bass mode but it shifts the mid focus up a bit. not as much as the superlead mode. to my ears and with my limited experience the superbass mode on the red is between the two modes on the mkiii


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                              Hey folks. thanks for all the suggestions. It took a lot of video watching, but I made a decision.

                              I wound up purchasing a lightly used Friedman BE-OD deluxe off Reverb and it seems to be a great match for my needs and my rig! My Quilter plays nice with it, I like the 2 channels, and it seems to have the right amount of tweakability for what I like.

                              Thanks everyone! Case closed... for now.