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Need a floor-based amp modeler.

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  • Need a floor-based amp modeler.

    Okay, I don’t need one, but you know how it is. I have a Line 6 M5 stomp box modeler, so I don’t need anything like that. It would help if it sounded good. I’d like something that has a lot of models and is software upgradable and can connect to a phone, tablet, computer. I am a ways out from buying and don’t know what my budget will be, so I am entertaining all options.
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    Go for the best...either a Fractal AX8 or FM3. Neither are that easy to find, but they sound amazing. The Helix line sounds good too, but you aren't really saving any money there.
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      Your last requirement makes it difficult.
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        Originally posted by LesStrat View Post
        Your last requirement makes it difficult.
        Not knowing the budget, or wanting connectivity?
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          Budget isn't a problem these days, the mfx market has expanded in all ranges, it doesn't have to be a fractal product, there are others that can get the job done for cheap while being durable.

          With a low budget I would look into mooer, hotone, atomic stuff along with a pod go. If you want wireless editing then expect to spend more


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            Boss GT 1000 Core has impressed me from what I have seen of it for size, money, all it offers.
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              Zoom MS-50G. Sounds good, dozens of amp models, can store 99 effects chains (essentially 99 pedalboards you define), USB to computer app to manage models and upgrades. It replaced my large pedalboard completely. I have it on a nano-board just in case I need a volume pedal or wah, but really it's a single-pedal pedalboard for me.

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                I’m sure Zoom is making some great products, but I still haven’t forgiven them for the 505 II.
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                  Headrush Gigboard? No editor but has a nice touchscreen. You can connect by USB to PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Linux with the proper cable to save rigs, upload IRs and upload/download looper tracks. I think firmware updates are only supported on PC and Mac.