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Flangers that won't cost me an arm...

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    Keep that leg. Tough to hit most footswitches with a peg.


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      Again - the EHX Electric Mistress in a any version is a classic (but one of a few).

      The Mooer is a great $30 to see if you dig Flangers
      A Boss BF-2 is a modern classic and cheap used. The BF-3 is is awesome though.
      I am NOT about the MXR "Zen" one/two knob approach to modulation stuff. Great if you love that sound. If not, oh well. They got lucky with the Phase 90.

      NEVER buy a Flanger without 4 knobs: Rate Speed are a MUST, Regen and delay/color/whatever: You can make anything from Chorus to Jet Swoosh to Steel Drums. Anything less and you take your chances on being able to do what you want.
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        On Amazon the Mooer e-lady is over $60
        the Stax is the same pedal at $30
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          Originally posted by Securb View Post
          The MXR micro was my bread and butter pedal back in the 80-90s

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