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Fulltone OCD vs Keeley El Rey vs Boss BD-2

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  • Fulltone OCD vs Keeley El Rey vs Boss BD-2

    Hello everyone,
    I know these are 3 entirely different beasts but I'd like to hear the pros and cons of each one, thoughts etc. I want a dirt pedal which doesn't necessarily have to be versatile: I have the Wampler Tumnus and Plextortion, Ibanez ts9, JHS Angry Charlie, Zvex Box of Rock so my question is which one could add most to my set? I play Southern Rock, Blues, and classic Rock

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    what is it that what you have isnt giving you? id say the el rey but thats a marshally pedal and you already have some of that going on


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      Originally posted by jeremy View Post
      what is it that what you have isnt giving you?
      I am pleased with what I have, but I was wondering if any of the above would ge me something extra... Do you think I will get some interesting tones with the Keeley or will it be kind of redundant?


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        These are nice pedals and will bring something different to the table for you.

        Revv green pedal
        Majic Box Filthy Lucre
        Dawner Prince Red Rocks Distortion
        Friedman Small box pedal
        Carl Martin PlexiRanger
        DryBell The Engine
        Suhr Eclipse
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          Add a blues breaker like JHS Morning Glory or similar low-med gain. You seem to have a lot of higher gain.

          Perhaps a Nobel too, tho I'm not really into them myself. The Nobel ODR mini seems to be the best in the range, IMO.

          May not be in your genres but perhaps a Dumble inspired pedal like the J Rockett The Dude.

          IDK if you included fuzzes as dirt but maybe check that out. Fuzz Face, RAT, EQD or Catalinbred has great fuzzes, Stone Deaf PDF, Naga Viper, etc.
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            Oh yah, I forgot the "transparent" drive. Greer Lightspeed, Timmy, Fairfield Barbershop, DOD Looking Glass, and Shoe Savior Machine.

            A true Klon clone is a beautiful thing if the mid bump doesn't fight with your amp and/or guitar. Ceriatone Centura comes to mind. Heard great things of the Mythical.

            Catalinbread RAH may also be worth checking out for something off the beaten path. Inspired by Hiwatt amps (which you don't see very often) that Jimmy Page played. Also, Walrus Audio 385 is different too. Based off of a.... TV projector or something? Haha IDK...

            Then there's Tweed amp inspired pedals. Though I forget them off the top of my head. Perhaps I'm not sold on any.

            Lastly, even though you have a TS, there's plenty of flavors of it you may like more. Maxon OD808 40th anniv is cool and they have modded versions like EQD mod, Catalinbread mod, etc. ​Hudson Sidecar, EQD Plumes, EQD Dunes, and Walrus Warhorn are interesting too.
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