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Most Buzzzzzing fuzz ever ?

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  • Most Buzzzzzing fuzz ever ?

    I noticed there was not too many fuzz threads right now. So which is for you the most BUZZZZING fuzz ever ?

    I expect the Fuzz Factory to be mentioned... But amongst classic designs like the Gibson Maestro, the Fuzz Face (Ge - Si ) , the Tone-Bender various versions, Big Muffs, Mosrite Fuzzrite, Fender Blender, Shin Ei, Companion, Vox Fuzz, which is according to your experience the best one to make a huge insect-like buzz ?

    I would say that the Si FuzzFace can buzz a little (nicely in fact) with P90 or HB but I mean a bigger buzzing sound than that. The BMP does not really do this sound. I don't think the Tone Bender will do it.

    But maybe the Mosrite Fuzzrite, the Fender Blender or the japanese ones like Shin-Ei ???

    (Now I think I would like to try the Catalibread / Moseley Fuzzrite.)
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    Back in the 70's I owned a Marshall Supa-Fuzz...... It had the bass boost switch. It sounded awesomely fuzzy. Would be perfect for some of todays metal.


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      But most of today's metal do not like pure fuzz : too vintage, not tight enough for the fast palm-mute parts and not "Djent"
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        I don't think of fuzz when I think of modern metal, too wooly, woofy, splatty, loose, etc...


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          Okay - you tell me. It's sounds fuzzy by itself, but used with another overdrive or distortion.... COOLNESS.

          Marshall Supa fuzz, vintage from the late 60's - YouTube


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