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  • NPD - Eventide Blackhole

    I’ve actually had this pedal about two weeks now but wanted to live with it a bit before posting about it. I got it for $279 from Prymaxe in NJ.

    It’s REALLY good! The build quality is excellent and it’s fairly intuitive, though not as intuitive as a pedal with a display. There is an app you can use if you so desire.

    Sonically, it runs the gamut from early reflection style reverbs to infinite frozen textures and infinite reverberation. The algorithm is top notch, as you’d expect. It supports stereo operation though I find the stereo image to be less pinpoint accurate as the RV-500.

    Whilst not being as versatile as the RV-500, it’s a great complement to it, I think the freeze function works better as the RV-500 boosts frozen reverb quite a bit, whereas the Blackhole keeps the frozen reverb in the background.

    I have been running the two of them in parallel, with the RV-500 set to Slow Gear, a pitched reverb with delay, and the BlackHole set to a fairly bright and sustained reverb. The result is a lush, complex reverb with plenty of character and a phantom melody that harmonizes with the input signal.

    You can spend a LOT of time exploring with the Blackhole but I found a setting I liked and have kept it there. It’s a lot less particular than the RV-500, which I feel needs to be adjusted on a song by song basis to get the best sound out of it.
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    This sounds like my kind of pedal. Currently I am using a Fractal for the ambient wash stuff, which it does well. I have to investigate the Black Hole a little more.
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      Nice grab I have the algorithm on the H9 and use it a lot, I also have the VST. I am very interested in the pedal but have been working hard at scaling down my board not scaling up. I am happy to hear you are digging it.

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        It's a great pedal. Possibly the best bang for the buck in a Reverb pedal today IMO.
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