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This is which version of Poly Chorus?

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  • This is which version of Poly Chorus?

    Hi friends, i have a Poly Chorus reissue and this was gifted to me.

    I've been experimenting for a few days. And I can say that it is the most organic effect pedal I have ever heard.

    And I've done a lot of research, I guess it's a 1970 or 80's version, but i cant be sure. It has SAD1024 chip.

    Does anyone know exactly which period it belongs to? or have an idea?

    And what is the price for you? Don't worry, I will not sell

    This photo is mine.
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    I think the AC cord would probably mean original 79-80s production.
    Pretty sure the 1990s reissues used a separate 24VDC power supply.
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      Old chord original. Hold onto it.
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