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Should I buy a Strymon Mobius?

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  • Should I buy a Strymon Mobius?

    I just ordered a Big Sky, and it’s leaving me hungry for a tremolo pedal with tap tempo. I like the idea of all those other effects done at a really high level.
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    Maybe. Do a little more research.
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    I really like the Mobius. In the world of multieffects I prefer its sounds to the H9, and it to most things on the Boss except for chorus. The Wampler Terraform is the X-Factor, I really want to try it but I’m not being limited in any way by the Mobius. I do think it does best with a MIDI controller, a one stomp change of gain, ambience and modulation is just awesome. That being said, I still like analog versions of all the effects (except the off the wall ones) better. It’s a great do it all pedal for live stuff, but I was using an analog chorus. Uni-Vibe and amp tremolo and it was working fantastically before we shut down.
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      I’m basically looking at the Mobius to keep me from buying $430 worth of tremolo pedals.
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        Get the Mobius and if you want a trem pedal on top of it get the Dawner Prince Starla pedal. Hopefully, the Mobius does all you desire and much more. Do it!
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          I decided to cool my jets for now. I got a Shape Shifter 2 for now. If I buy a Mobius later on, I want it to be for more than a tremolo.
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