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FZ-2 Clone other than Behringer?

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  • FZ-2 Clone other than Behringer?

    The Behringer SF300 is an obvious FZ-2 clone, but thanks to its low price and pandemic frenzy, they are out of stock everywhere and people are asking $50+ for them secondhand, which is pushing it based on the quality.

    Is there a reliable FZ-2 clone or interesting FZ-2 inspired pedal under $100 that's NOT the Behringer? I would definitely consider used.

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    Thats funny I was recently looking for a FZ2 also, and wound up in the same spot as you, I did some digging around and found out that the FZ2 is a Univox Superfuzz clone with some added features.

    I wound up going with a Maxon FA10 fuzz elements air, it lacks the extra features of the FZ2 but i never used those anyways. I paid 150 euro so it hits a bit above your price point but maybe you can find one used for less.
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    • #3 my man Pepers says this is his Magnum Opus of fuzz pedals. Handmade FZ-2 with tweaks and upgrades sold by a really cool New Zealander
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        Not under $100, but the JHS Supreme is a Univox Super Fuzz clone.

        I had the Behringer fuzz. It sounds great, but didnā€™t work with my playing. I paid $20 for it. Sold it to a friend for $20.

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          Originally posted by Empty Pockets View Post
 my man Pepers says this is his Magnum Opus of fuzz pedals. Handmade FZ-2 with tweaks and upgrades sold by a really cool New Zealander
          Wow, that has the mods I want already built in! It's definitely more than I was hoping to spend, but color me intrigued. I'll have to see what it is with shipping to the U.S., but I'm definitely going to consider it!

          Any others?


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            That Peper's pedal is looking like $235 USD to my door. Definitely have to think a bit more on that one. I could pick up the Behringer and add a switch to catch the "in between" position and have 90% of what the Humongous Fuzz offers for the price of shipping the Peper alone. Still tempting, though...


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              ^that looks well built.

              Why do you want the fz2 in particular though? Just asking cause I have the sf300 but it's a sound thats not something you would go to often. Have you looked into the univox superfuzz clones? Those sound great too, if you could snag a wattson pedal then that would be a keeper.


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                I'm trying to recreate a fairly specific tone for late-90s "undercore", down-tuned industrial synth pop style music.

                I previously picked up a Pelican "Half Horse" fuzz because it's really unique and I'd like an FZ-2 style fuzz to compliment it.

                The bands I'm inspired by used the FZ-2 exclusively, so I want a piece of that action. It's a shame the "doom" crowd caught on. For years, these were rather undesirable pedals!


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                  Gotcha, I'd wait out for a used sf300 for couple of days & if still none show then go for a better fz2 clone. There used to be a source to get a pcb for building a fz2 clone, not sure if it's still around.


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                    This is a clone of the univox super fuzz circuit. Add you own mods but less than $100.

                    I built one of their BB kits, it was easy enough. I’ve modded a bunch of boss pedals though.


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                      Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I'm not really feeling the "build your own" bug at the moment.

                      Sweetwater said they'll be receiving another batch of SF300's this month, but they already have hundreds on backorder and don't expect orders placed now to ship until August!

                      The Peper looks awesome and is easily a top contender tonally, but there's a wait and I can pick up an actual FZ-2 for the same price to my door...tough call at that point

                      In the meantime, I grabbed this for $80 used to try out:


                      Not sure about the cartoonish cactus aesthetic, but the builder claims it's an FZ-2 clone.

                      The only demos he has for it are a bit lackluster and don't show the range well, but the builder gets rave reviews online and he seems to specialize in clones, so I guess we'll see!

                      Seemed worth an extra $30 over what people are asking for the SF300 for a better built unit.


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                        My interest is piqued. What's the deal with an FZ-2? How is it different than most other fuzz's? Fuzz is pretty basic. What makes this special?

                        Inquiring minds want to know.


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                          Originally posted by ArtieToo View Post
                          Fuzz is pretty basic.

                          You CAN'T say that on forum inhabited by geezers who love fuzz!!!!

                          Do you have a death wish or something?!?!?!?!?!

                          Originally posted by Bad City
                          He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...


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                            hes old and deaf and cant hear the difference between a fuzzface and a big muff, not his fault


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                              You aren't too far off. I've always thought of a Big Muff as being more a distortion, than a fuzz per se. A subtle difference for sure, but still a difference.

                              To be more clear, I think of my Blues Driver, 5150, Palladium, and Twin Tube Classic as distortion or overdrive. I think of my Dreamcrusher and BBE Window Pane more as "fuzz".
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