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Opinions On Truetone V3H2O Liquid Chorus?

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    Originally posted by IMENATOR View Post
    Never tried a V1 or V2. I got my V3 because I love Eric Johnson's clean sound which is Chorus+Echo and this was a good value for the money, fits better in my pedal board and really helps me avoid pedal dancing because I can turn both effects on/off with a single movement. The max echo time is gotta be something between 500-600 msec. The switches are super super smooth so if you need to do some tap dancing in our pedal board these help to make it easier. Interesting notes about Stereo operations: It is not just Left Dry + Right Tremolo, it is actually Left Chorus + Right Chorus which I think gives it a deep chorus sound. The echo however is dual mono,there is no ping-pong, that is my only complain but then that is how EJ I guess it is ok . Other than the dual mono thing I think it is a great combo for the money. If Truetone could come up with a V3 Reverb + Digital delay with tap tempo for ambient sounds I would put it in my wish list for sure.
    So, basically, you want a different Chorus/Delay with reverb?
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      Originally posted by Aceman View Post

      So, basically, you want a different Chorus/Delay with reverb?
      No, I am happy with the H2O, just GAS'in for a combo Reverb + Digital Delay pedal.
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        They are nice pedals but not my thing. I prefer a warmer chorus with less zing in the high end and have been running the Rocktron Deep Blue for years. However am now looking HARD at the Neunaber Inspire right now. Rivals the rack tri chorus set ups used n the studio by many session players in a small compact pedal. Never heard anything like this pedal in a small affordable chorus pedal!
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