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Compressor pedal for guitar?

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    DryBell Unit 67 is a wonderful pedal. It does a couple of really nice things that I think you would enjoy.

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      Originally posted by Blille View Post

      I think you'll be happy with a lot of pedals then, including the ones you said before.

      A simple one I used for quite some time and liked in that line is the Xotic SP compressor. The Keeley four knob is a classic and the Wampler ego I've never used personally but gets good reviews. Since we are here, I'll also recommend the SD Vise Grip
      I own both a Xotic SP and a Wampler Ergo like both a lot. I used a Boss CS 3 fpr years still have several and they have their place. My favorite for transparent sustain in particular with a clean tone is the Ergo with the SP a close second. I also like the CS 3 for a more dramatic effect and say infinite sustain running gain. They are apples to oranges love the Ergo with the blend for a transparent compressor that is on a lot or always and the more aggressive CS-3 or something similar for a compressor used for a more dramatic effect.
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        My favorite compressor is a BYOC 5 Knob, which is a kit. If you ever feel like getting into pedal building, this is a great one to start with.
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          I really like the SP compressor running off 18 volts. It seems to give more reduced compression options.
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