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Carl Martin Plexiranger -> AC30

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  • Carl Martin Plexiranger -> AC30

    Hi there.

    Anyone here has some experience with the Carl Martin PlexiRanger together with a AC30(cc2) ?

    I'm looking for a pedal that can give me sweet harmonic overdrive but also when rolling up the guitars volume more gain for harder work. I play different stuff like Blackberry Smoke, CCR, GnR, Queen etc. Like the title.. My amp is a AC30CC2.. guitar is a USA strat with custom made handwound P90's.

    how do you like it ? Pros/Cons ?

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    i havent played one but ive heard very good things


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      I would trust Carl Martin to deliver. I have the PlexiTone, and to have that circuit with a switchable Rangemaster built-in would be awesome. I also have an AC30CC2 and it takes pedals well, though it does impart it's own signature on the sound - some adjustments with the EQ and cut controls can even it out as a pedal platform.


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        I ordered one. I think after all the things i have read that it could be a good choice for the sounds i'm after.

        I now own a weehbo jcm drive but it's lacks gain a bit for heavier stuff. And with a treble booster in front of it, it doesn't clean up that well.