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Great tape echo simulations?

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  • Great tape echo simulations?

    What are some great tape echo pedals or tape echo simulation modes on multi-function delay devices? There are a million products out there that claim to do it, but I think a lot of them completely lack character. What products or modes do it particularly well? I'm telling you upfront that I am not going to buy a rack unit or anything with a tape mechanism.

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    Never tried it, but isn't the Strymon El Cap generally considered to do the tape thing quite well?

    I've heard good things about the new US Starlight and the Gurus stuff. Both of which come with rather a hefty price tag.
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      My search began and ended with the Wampler Faux Tape Echo v2.


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        That Boss pedal does sound really good. While it isn't under consideration, I think my Fractal FM3 does the tape delay thing really well. Thing with isn't just the sound of the tape. The preamp boosting the signal in an Echoplex is a part of the sound, too.
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          I can only recommend the Strymon El Capistan because I have one. I have an Alter Ego and a Canyon which also do well, but not nearly as good as the Strymon.

          There are at least a dozen pedals out there, but I don't know how good they are. I always wondered if the Danelectro one was any good. Looks affordable but had all the controls that made me think it might be a decent unit.


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            I can tell you two that don't do it well: Lovepedal EPH-3 and Tech21 Boost DLA.
            Both are good delays and good chorus pedals, but neither sounds anything like a true tape delay.


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              Ditto on the Strymon El Capistan.

              Had mine for 10-11 years now; the 1st edition.
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                This one sweeeeeeeet

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                  Strymon El Cap is outstanding. There are a few pedals that are outstanding as well. The Boonar pedal by Dawner Prince is absolutely amazing. The Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe and Echorec are no slouches by any means. The Gurus stuff is great or suspect...depending on what you are getting. The Echosex 3 was built poorly and The Echosex 2 was built much better and sounded better. Actually, Guitar Center has the Echosex 2 T7E on sale right now for $399 and it lists for $649. Gurus had a split and the original guy (Cicognani) Now makes pedals under his name alone. Amazing stuff he puts out. The other guy went cost effective and started copying a lot of pedals out there (Foxgear). Their stuff sounds decent but isn't high end build quality. The two philosophies resulted in the "Gurus" split.

                  The Big Box pedals do this as well and they do it very well.
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                    The Carbon Copy is a great tape echo it even simulates the wobble of the tape.

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                      Dude, you have a Timeline! The dTape mode is the same as the El Capistan, it’s fantastic!

                      However, if you really need to listen to some others, the Catalinbread Belle Epoch is awesome and their Echorec is, well, a great Echorec. (Kind of wild that trademark was able to be snapped up)
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