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FTL drive and Raptor manuals???

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  • FTL drive and Raptor manuals???

    I have both and even though Ive never been the most organized guy.. ( wife grumbles all the time). I have put many of my pedal manuals in a three ring binder in clear pages. HOWEVER... I thought sure I had the FTL and Raptor manuals in there, but lo and behold...... Anyhow, if anyone has and can send me copies.....Snailmail would be great as I dont have a printer, and Id comp you for copy and mailing charges.... Or if someone can pdf or whatever, I can beg my wife to print at work,,,, Yeah, they are pretty intuitive, but I prefer to have manuals so I know what each thing is... Esp with the drive as there are a few more options.

    Sorry to ask, but appreciate any help!

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    Never heard of either, but looks like you can copy and past the FTL one from here -


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