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Overdrive pedal for a thick rhythm sound.

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    I reckon you're after something with a big chewy midrange. I think a Fulltone OCD is gonna be a winner for you here

    But you should also probably consider something klon-esque as well. So for giggles, consider something like this Archer:


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      Many thanks for your input everyone, great list of pedals that I'll no doubt end up collecting all of! I've since replaced the neck pickup of this guitar with a Seth Lover actually and it does sound a lot less muddy - the clean tone on my HT1 is great but it does struggle through the Sansamp still.

      Sadly my Soul Food turned up today and it seems to be faulty :-(


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        I'm rather thinking that a treble booster into the existing preamp might do the trick. It is what Blackmore would do with the neck pickup.


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          I think the thickest rhythm tone I've ever had has been with the Pedal Monsters Klone. The gain isn't even dialed up high. Fantastic overdrive with sick dynamics. I'm glad I found this one.


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            I managed to repair the Soul Food and I quite like it. It's not particularly thick but it gets a nice sound out of the Seth Lover in the neck. Going to use my Sansamp with the Slash bridge pickup for a melt-your-face-off rhythm tone (already love it) and the Soul Food with the neck pickup for a softer overdrive.

            I will continue to update this thread as I collect more pedals


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              I have a Blackstar HT-20mkII. If you aren't happy about how your HT-1 sounds; I don't think you'll like the HT-20 either.

              ...I bought mine unseen/without trying it first. I was disappointed, but learnt to live with it. What "does the trick", is a old Boss 10-Band EQ in the effects loop-
              -I cut everything under 80, and over 4000hz, with a boost at 500-2khz. This really brought some real life and sound into it.

              I also use a EHX "Allied Overdrive" as a preamp boost; it's my all time favourite pedal. It has three transistor stages, a sparkle/crunch/british overdrive sound; 3-band EQ, blend- etc. It takes the blackstar from "ok" to "80's heavy metal" territory!

              Cheers and best wishes,
              -Erlend ♪
              If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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                As far as Klon style for rhythm playing-it's a 2 way street, a Klon is great for accenting arpeggios and rhythmic nuance, BUT you also will poke out more in a band mix -you can't sit back in the mix as much with a Klon gained in.

                So just consider what you want the band to sound like and if their is detail in your rhythmic playing you need closer to the front of the mix -If you are cowboy and power chording under the leads and detail mostly, I'm not sure a Klon style is the best choice for this.
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