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Lil 59 or JD For Tele

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  • Lil 59 or JD For Tele

    I would like to hear comments from those who have tried the Lil 59 Tele pups or JDs. I can't decide between JD's and Lil 59 for the bridge. I have heard the audio sound clips on the SD site but still can't decide. The singer/songwriter I am currently working with wants a fatter, fuller than vintage Tele sound on many of his original songs. It is pretty much Country music but some of it rocks a lot, sort of like Skynyrd style stuff. I want something that will distort pretty smoothly and warm but still have some twang.

    My considerations would be

    Option 1
    JD in bridge & either a 5-2 Rythm or APTR-1 in neck. 5-2 would give a fatter neck alone tone I believe, but the APTR-1 might give me a better in between tone with bridge and neck combined


    Option 2
    Lil 59 in bridge & Hot Tele Rythm in neck

    Option 3
    Giving this setup a slight amount of consideration

    Vintage Tele Lead Stack in bridge & 5-2 Rythm in neck

    I don't like the looks of the Tele Hot Stack
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    Re: Lil 59 or JD For Tele

    Well, I'm speaking from bias here but I like the JD the best. It is a little fatter but still twangs with the best and a lot of times better than the rest of them. It really likes distortion too. It will sing and moan when you playing the Blues and would make even the most discriminating Country picker stand up and take notice. I once owned a Vintage Stack set. They're very nice pickups; but you'll still get the traditional tone. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the Lil 59. I have a friend that swears by them though. He likes to split it when playing Country and run it full when playing other styles. I think it's too thim when split.

    So, My recommendation is the JD for the bridge and an APTR-1 for the neck if you Tele's body is ash. If you have any other body type, it might be a bit to dark. I had it in a poplar Tele and it was way too dark. IMHO, the best Tele neck pickups out there, are the Fender Nocaster neck pickup and the DiMarzio Twang King neck model.

    -Butch Snyder

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      Re: Lil 59 or JD For Tele

      JD in the bridge 100%.

      my guitar teacher has one in the bridge of his tele and its a fat twangy tone.
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        Re: Lil 59 or JD For Tele

        I have a bunch of lil 59 tele clips. If you would like to hear a certain style then let me know. I dont consider it to be a country style pickup but you can get away with it. The little 59 kinda impedes the tele snap that I have grown to love. It is very cool for rock though.
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