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  • Looking for a pickup!

    Hello evryone, this is my first post here.....

    Actually looking for a pair of pickups to replace on a Les paul type guitar. I play mainly hard rock.

    In the bridge position, want a pickup with output, presence and strongs mids, to cut well through the mix. Also, an important thing is has a great response on harmonics (the greatest, actually!) which I love, also it would be nice if it could easilly get sweet harmonic feedback when sustaining notes.

    I the neck position the only things that matter is to have a balanced output with the brdge one, and to have a great singing tone (I use only for leads)

    It would be very nice if the two pickup where really sensitive to the guitar knobs, and clean back nicely when the volume is rolled.

    Does my perfect pickups really exist? Any suggerencies? I supose some of the features I want may be incompatible, but I wanna kow your opinion

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    Re: Looking for a pickup!

    I highly recommened a set of Duncan Pearly Gates.


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      Re: Looking for a pickup!

      Welcome to the board!

      I recommend the '59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge. This is a very versatile combonation. The JB is high output pickup that accentuates gliss picking and can cut through for some great lead riffs.

      The '59 has a nice smooth and rounded sound which is great for rhythem or clean jazzy leads. Distorted the '59 takes on a personailty of it's own and I find it can fill the shoes for those heavier Zepplinesque type riffs.

      I like to run them combined with a medium amount of gain and it nails that Skynyrd Gimme Three Steps tone to a tee.

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        Re: Looking for a pickup!

        thaks for the replies!
        Which of this pups has the best harmonic response (in the bridge)?

        I'm interested in natural, artificial harmonics and this harminoc sutainig feedback that's so cool. And this overtones when playing and muting notes....

        by the way, JB is higher output than Pearly Gates?


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          Re: Looking for a pickup!

          Welcome to the forum, David!
          A couple other possibilities might be a JB/Jazz set, or a Custom/'59 or PG combination. I use all of them right now, and they all rock in a large way.
          The JB has great highs and mids, very harmonic and can be split, as the Jazz can, for more versatility, also the Jazz/neck p.u. played split expresses some pretty sweet Strat/Tele sounds. The Jazz really compliments the JB....the transistion from pickup-to-pickup while switching is very smooth.
          I've got the Custom/PGn set in a LP right now that is very rich and warm sounding, but with a nice chunky-bite that's topped off with a sweet high-end. That Custom is a fav of mine, one heck of a rockin' humbucker that can cut through the mix, IMO. Great for rock, blues, metal.
          Good luck!



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            Re: Looking for a pickup!

            If you want pinch harmonics the PG in the bridge will get you there....In the neck,another PG or the 59 is hard to beat...If you need real clear note clarity for the neck,go with the JAZZ...A set of PG is great and you then retain A2 magnets in both positions,though I sometimes mix and match and find it's the pickups themselves that creates the correct match and not the magnets so much..Welcome to the forums....Best forum on the internet!

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              Re: Looking for a pickup!

              JB/Jazz is an unbeatable combo, IMHO

              Welcome to the forum!
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