I have...

A '94 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite


A Rivera 100 Watt Duo Twelve

I want to rip out the pick-ups, as they are not original and I despise how they sound.

I have NEVER experimented with pick ups, or messed around trying for a certain tone, and am CLUELESS where to start, but...

I have listened to the Seymour Duncan disk, profiling a bunch of humbuckers.

I like the Pearly Gates, 59's, JB's, and Invader, as they sound on the disk anyway.

My favorite guitar tones come from Soundgarden, Tom Morello... Distorted, but still warm and fat. I have no desire to sound exactly like another guitar player, just help me get in the ballpark if possible.

SO... Please offer me your opinions, what pick-ups to buy (feel free to suggest pick-ups outside the 4 I thought I liked), where to put them, E.Q. on the amp, pots, and/or anything else you deem appropriate.

Thanks a bunch, in advance...