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  • Cool Rails!

    Oh man, I got a TB-6 Duncan Distortion Tremspaced and a SCR-1N Cool Rails (main site describes it as sounding like a vintage humbucker) for neck... I've guess all of you have heard enough of the Duncan Distortion, a good riffage pickup...

    but... I've come here to tell everyone how damn good the Cool Rails are! It's got pretty decent cleans... perhaps glassy would be a description (it's always very hard to describe sound)... and when distortion is chucked on - boy is it smooth! The notes flow into each other and it sounds so well rounded off... pure beautiful...

    That being said, I'm really happy with my setup, got a great riffing pickup and a really good neck pickup for lead...

    Just for reference, if anyone's looking into getting one of these, they're absolutely fantastic!
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    Re: Cool Rails!

    Yeah, I've been raving about those two pickups for quite a while now. I've got a Distortion/Cool Rails set going into my Hamer Californian when I get her refinished. Can't wait.
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      Re: Cool Rails!

      Sounds "cool", rainmaker . . . got clips?


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        Re: Cool Rails!

        you know it, check out my signature to see what's in my ibanez.