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    I have a Sh6 installed in the neck pos. Thing sounds like a beauty when I'm rocking out to metal. Now I'm looking into playing some softer tunes and I don't want that beefy, chunky sound I get with the distortion pup. What would be a good pup to go along with the sh6? I'm considering a JB or a 59. I've heard they have great tone for clean stuff and I'd really like that. I've looked into other ones like the custom and the custom custom but no one ever mentions them. Are those good pups?

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    Re: Pup Suggestions

    sh6 and 59n totally works. That DD neck pickup sounds similar to a JB in the neck position, to my ears.. too fat for me. The 59n is sweet with enough fatness to scream when you want it to.
    Here is a tune I did with a DD/59n combo
    My Duncan demos and songs