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Duncan Distortion Vs. Super Distortion

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  • jimlp
    Re: Duncan Distortion Vs. Super Distortion

    The Duncan Distortion sounds very different than the Super Distortion. The Duncan is higher output with a smoother sounding distortion, the Dimarzio sounds grainy in comparison but that is not a bad thing just different. Both pickups have good low end but the Duncan can get bright in the wrong guitar where the Dimarzio has a rolled back high end that can get muddy if you are not careful. When I think of the Duncan Distortion I think of George Lynch's tone, when I think of the Dimarzio I think of Randy Rhoads/Suicide Solution and High n' Dry era Def Leppard. To me it seems like no matter what I put the Dimarzio in it sounds 70's, the Duncan Distortion can cover more ground as far as getting heavier more modern sounds but both will get heavy with a high gain amp, it comes down to which pickup sound you want/need.

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  • Felix
    started a topic Duncan Distortion Vs. Super Distortion

    Duncan Distortion Vs. Super Distortion

    What are the differences/similarites?