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Any thoughts on the Gibson Burstbuckers?

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  • Any thoughts on the Gibson Burstbuckers?


    I'm looking at buying one of the Schecter C1 Classic guitars. This guitar apparently comes stock with a Duncan JB in bridge and Jazz in neck. A buddy of mine recommended the burstbucker as a "much better" option. Having never heard the burstbucker, I can't really know if this is true.

    Anyone have any ideas or comparisons between these pickups? I guess there are also 3 different types of burstbucker in increasing degrees of hotness. I'd probably be steering toward the less hot end of the spectrum.

    The Schecter is a thru-neck design, with mahogany body.

    An important note is that this model does some coil-tapping with its 5-way switch, so I'm also interested in how these pickups do in single-coil configurations.

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    Re: Any thoughts on the Gibson Burstbuckers?

    I HATE modern day Gibson humbuckers. Most are dull, bland and lifeless, that's putting it nicely.

    The 490/498 set in my LP Standard was pathetic. Distortion was mediocre and with cleans it was terrible. Seymour Duncan Antiquities solved that right away. I will never trust Gibson with their pickups.

    Every once in a while, someone will get a fluke humbucker from Gibson that will sound great, but that's once in a blue moon.
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      Re: Any thoughts on the Gibson Burstbuckers?

      You could try the Burstbucker Pros which sounds heavenly. I have it in a Les Paul Standard and I play clean to heavy with ease. If adjusted correctly, this pickup combo is very thick and warm, yet clear and rich. The bridge BB Pro is capable of great harmonics and has intense clarity. I am in love with thes pickups. I tried the Custom, C-5, and Rio BBQ in this LP before settling on the BB Pro set. The neck is a tad weak but I am living with it for now. I am getting some of the best Jerry Cantell tones I've heard out of my rig.


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        Re: Any thoughts on the Gibson Burstbuckers?

        In theory the Pearly gates set is the same as a BB1 and BB3, although the BB1 is about 300 ohms beefier than the PG neck pickup the BB2 shouldn't be used as a neck pickup (it's 8k). That's comming from someone that breaks the fourm rule of not exceeding 7.6k on the neck (which is actually a good rule). Vintage pickups balence out at 7.6k neck and 8.7 bridge.
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