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  • Pickups for blues&rock

    I've an Am Dlx Strat and I'm looking for Pups suitable for blues and rock music, with some overdrive.The Vintage Noiseless pups are too much trebly for me, and I want more fat sound.
    I'm thinking in DiMarzio's:
    - Virtual Vintage Blues for neck and middle position
    - Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues for bridge position.

    żanybody have comments or suggestions about this configuration?, It would work?

    Is there any SD alternative configuration (no hum)?

    I'm novice in this matters so I'll appretiate any advice.

    Thanks in advance

    PD: The guitar sound that is superb for me is Walter Trout's

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    Welcome aboard man !

    I use this combo in one of my strats :

    neck : V.V Blues
    middle : V.V
    bridge : V.V Heavy Blues

    Note : if you find the Noiseless trebly, the Heavy blues is even more trebly ! Use a Vintage Blues if you want a fatter tone in the bridge.

    About Duncans that would be similar, I don't find ones that would really be . Vintage rails and Duckbuckers will be glassier, Hot & Cool rails will have more a hummy tone.
    May be the classic stack or the five two but I don't know those that much .

    Pickups used :
    Les Paul: A2'59/'PGn ; SP90-1/SP90-1
    PRS Santana 1: Phat Cats
    PRS CU22 : SLb/'59n ; A2'59b/PGn ; Phat Cats
    PRS McCarty : A2P/A2P ; SL/SL
    PRS Singlecut : Ant/Ant ; SLb/59n
    PRS Modern Eagle : SLb/Antn
    PRS Hollow : Ant/Ant
    PRS Mc Soap : SP90-1/SP90-3 ;SP90-1/SP90-1/SP90-3
    PRS Mc Deluxe : Antiquity II minis
    Strat : APS1TwBg/APS1rwrp/APS1T; APS1TwBg/SSL1rwrp/SSL1;Antiquity II Set;Antiquity Texas Hot Set
    Teles : 59b/PGn ; Ant set ; JDb/SSL1rwrp/SSL1
    SG : SP90-1/SP90-1