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trying to identify some SD single-coils

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  • trying to identify some SD single-coils

    I just picked up a '93 strat plus (good deal). Someone at some point has put some other pickups in it (who knows what happened to the lace sensors.) No problem on my end, as I had other plans for the pickups in this one anyway.

    In any event, I am trying to figure out what they are. I know that the bridge is a dimarzio dp117 single-size humbucker, cause dp117 is printed on it. The other two are a mystery to me though. They just have a couple of serial numbers, but they do appear to have a signature on them, and that signature looks to me like "seymour". The two serial numbers are 95087075 and 97021751. The bottom plate appears to be fibre-type board, and it looks as though the whole bottom has been coated with some black stuff.

    The wires are cloth-covered black & white, although they are discolored near the pickup enough so that they both look black (this fades away as you get closer to the other end).

    There are black pickup covers on both, as well as that tubing stuff for a spacer but I guess that doesn't mean much.

    I put these on a meter, and the neck reads 6.5 while the middle reads 6.2. Finally, the pole pieces are staggered.

    I can't think of anything else to describe these - any ideas?

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    Re: trying to identify some SD single-coils

    Could these by any chance be antiquities?