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Utimate HB pair for blues?

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    Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

    who is Blues Saraceno?


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      Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

      Originally posted by JSS
      who is Blues Saraceno?
      Blues Saraceno

      Nice sound clip to download from that site too.
      (Not much else.)


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        Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

        Blues Saraceno is a guitarist who was "created" by Guitar For the Practicing Musician magazine in the 80s. He was a big haired shredder who recorded an instrumental album for the magazines record label, which was short lived, IIRC. It was corny as each issue they would take out like a full page ad that said "who is blues?" This lasted for months until they finally revealed him.
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          Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

          Originally posted by Benjy_26
          It's Blues Saraceno's signature model. Made for Floyd-equipped axes. It's a medium/high output humbucker that fattens thin sounding axes with floating trems.
          Not's more of a PAF style pickup. It has a tiny bit more output than the '59, but not much. It's most definitely not a high output pickup. It would be a nice bridge pickup for blues, but it really wouldn't look right in that guitar.

          I would definitely go with an Alnico II Pro in the neck, it's the ultimate blues humbucker. For the bridge, go with a Custom Custom if you want a warm, fat, high output tone. For a brighter, more vintage type of tone, a '59 would be a good match. Seths are nice pickups, but I might recommend that you have them wax potted if you're going to put them in a hollowbody.

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            Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

            CC/PGn would be a cool set, especially on a semi hollow. The extra highs would add more bite to CC/PGn set.

            I don't have much experience with seths, used them only for 3 weeks two years ago. I liked what I heard, yet could not pass a deal to get a set of voodoo 59's for them. I should have kept the seths!

            Anyway, my fav SD HB list is:

            1. a5/a3 mag modded antiquities (exposed coils)
            2. a2/a2 mag modded antiquities (exposed coils)
            3. stock antiquities (covered)
            4. PGs (especially a hot PG+ in the bridge and ~8.00K PG(b) in the neck)
            5. 59s (stock bridge a3 in the neck)

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              Re: Utimate HB pair for blues?

              Originally posted by RBB
              If you can save $300 bones however, do yourself a favor and get a set of Jason Lollars Imperial Humbuckers. One of the few pickups out there that are head and shoulders above other offerings. Expensive, but well worth it.
              They are fantastic pups, and worth every penny. As much as I like Ants and Seths, when I sprung for a set of Imperials, I was floored. I have a set in a LP, and will be ordering another set for a 335 I picked up recently. Those pups have got it going on, and Jason is a master winder.