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Bridge-designed pups in the neck...

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  • Bridge-designed pups in the neck...

    What's the diff?

    I'm not talking JB or Demon here...I mean pups that HAVE a neck model. But instead of using it, you use the bridge model.

    So taking a shpg-1b, aph-1b, Jazz bridge, Distortion bridge, 59b, whatever...and using that model pup in the neck INSTEAD of it's neck-designed version.

    There's a couple APH-1b pups on ebay now, and I'm thinking of trying one in the neck of me Les Paul with my Custom, but not if it's going to sound really muddy (I got rid of my DDn for a reason people )
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    Re: Bridge-designed pups in the neck...

    it can work well. ive seen a jazz bridge in the neck that sounded good. ive know lots of people that use 59b in the neck and get good tones. ive used a pgb in the neck and it sounded ok, so i think it can work fine. i dont think id try it with a sh6b, to hot and too thick. not sure about the aph, might work very well though, especially in a 24 fret guitar


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      Re: Bridge-designed pups in the neck...

      Two things to keep in mind: most of the time, the bridge pickup will have a fuller, more bassy tone than the neck model, and always the output will be much higher. If this works for you, go for it, however I would either get a relatively low-output bridge pickup or be prepared to either lower it quite a bit or keep the volume lower (assuming you have separate controls)
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