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SH11 Custom Custom and Kinman's?

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  • SH11 Custom Custom and Kinman's?

    I need some advise from you fellow guitarplayers.

    I play a Fender Srat with alder body and maple neck. Mostly i play pop/rock songs.
    I play through a Tech 21 Trademark (awesome) and a Alesis nanoverb for effects.
    I now have a HSS configuration featuring. Dimarzio Paf Pro in the bridge and two Kinman's HX in the middle and neck.
    I want more warmth/depth and punch in the bridge and bridge/middle position.
    I'm thinking of the SD SH11 Custom Custom. (loosing the paf pro)
    The Kinman's have 9.5 K output and the SH11 14.4 K.
    Wille this work and do i get the sound i was telling you about???
    I don't have that much technical knowledge, that's why i need your help

    Greetings from Holland

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    Re: SH11 Custom Custom and Kinman's?

    I've been thinking about the same type of combo as well - however, when I emailed Chris Kinman about which are the best humbuckers for his pickups, he was kinda vague. I think the answer was "its best to just stick to all my SC" or something. Though I like HB's, I do have to admit his SCs are some of the best on the noiseless market.
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