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    i am trying to just wire a single coil pickup and one volume. the SD charts say the wires are blakc and white, but i am jsut using old Jackson pickups which are blue and red what is what? and on the volume pot, the diagram says the soddering point on the right goes to the pickup, cna i sodder that to the output jack and the pickup to the middle soddering point or do i have to do it the other way? also my wire from the pickup snapped in 1/2 and i sjut sodder the 2 pieces together? please clueless!

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    Re: Ah Help!

    Ok. Let's use the Red as the +. Looking at the back of the pot, lugs down... Left : Red from pickup. Center : To jack input + (center tip). Right : Blue from Pickup, and solder a wire from there to jack input -.

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