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Duncan '59 neck PU, single or 4 conductor?

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  • Duncan '59 neck PU, single or 4 conductor?

    I have a Gibson SG with a 3 way switch. I want to replace my old PU's with a '59 for the neck, and a C-5 for the bridge. When I try to order the '59 on-line, it asks me if I want single conductor, or 4 conductor. Which one would I need? The C-5 doesn't ask me any questions, I guess it only comes one way.

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    Some guys prefer the traditional braided metal 2 lead version,
    and some prefer the Duncan 4 lead version, in case they may want to split the coils or get into phase switches.

    4 lead tend to be easier to resell, since you can use them in LP's
    and in guitars with advanced switches.

    If you buy the 4 lead, simply solder the red and white wires together, and the black lead is positive, and the green and silver twisted together is the ground. Either version will work the same. The C-5 is always the 4 lead, as are most other Duncans.
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      i had to buy the single conductor cos the shopkeeper said the 4cond costs more.. =P i kinda regret it now cos now i cant coil split the neck witha push-push or a push-pull pot