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Long wait for P-90's

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  • Long wait for P-90's

    Wow, my girlfriend, SnowBunny, ordered a pair of standard P-90's from Duncan through a local store. It was supposed to take two weeks, but we learned yesterday that there would be an additional 4 weeks wait because she asked for a reverse wound neck pickup.

    Nowhere in the literature does Duncan mention a 6WEEK lead time for reverse wound.

    Here we sit with a beautiful walnut body, figured rosewood cap, maple/walnut/ebony set neck and we need those pickups. Now another 4 WEEKS.

    Had we known when we ordered, we would have purchased from another company...and they're out there.

    Is this SOP for Duncan? SnowBunny got ticked at Dimarzio when Steve Blucher treated her in a snobby, condescending manner. Now Duncan will be on her S! List.

    Peace's time for us to roll our own...
    Swami Rabinowicz

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    Unfortunately it was your retailers issue and not a Seymour Duncan issue. I have had custom shop orders filled and shipped in 2-3 weeks and those were made to order. There is no lag on rw/rp P-90s. Either the shop didn't place the order immediately or whatever, but I'm almost positive there is no shortage of P-90 neck pickups at SD.

    There are 2 online dealers I can think of that would have had that pickup at your door in 3-5 business days.

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      I imagine that her pickup is in that list, and I bet it's cheaper with shipping included than she payed at her local retailer.

      T4D got a new gig!

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        No folks...I spoke to someone at Duncan today, and he said indeed, there would be a 6 week lead time for this reverse wound P-90. It's not a standard item and they can't disrupt their production line just to do a "special order."

        The delay is with Duncan, not our local dealer. Ordering straight from Duncan would take 6 weeks.

        They should add this info to their website and their literature. 6 weeks is a LONG wait and we had NO warning it would take this long.
        Swami Rabinowicz


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          Robert S. Here's Duncan's official reply...

          "Thanks for the email, and sorry about the less than thrilling news...
          Yes, the dealer is correct in quoting you this lead time. I assure you that
          it's not something we love either, but the way our production floor is
          configured and priorities are dispensed, one-off customs have to take a
          lower priority.

          That does not mean that we don't care about you, your pickup, or your
          resulting guitar tone. It's just a reality of running a production floor.

          Please let me know if there is anything else I can address for you, and I
          hope that the tone is worth the wait..we think it will be.

          For clarity, the dealer is not just telling you this, it will take another
          retailer equally as long to get this pickup.


          Billy Gill
          Sales Manager
          Seymour Duncan-Basslines Pickups
          "For tone that sets you......apart"
          5427 Hollister Ave.
          Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2345
          Ph: 805-964-9610
          Fx: 805-964-9749
          E: [email protected]

          And FWIW, I wrote to Black Rose Custom yesterday and haven't gotten a reply yet.

          Swami Rabinowicz


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            While Billy is correct in his statement, I have seldom had it actually take six weeks to get specials in. It really depends on the production schedule though. Four weeks is certainly not uncommomn.

            Even stock orders of any size are running me three weeks most of the time.

            I know this seems like a long time, but it's way faster than you will get orders out of many other manufacturers. EMG and Bill Lawrence are often longer than that on stock pickups.

            I just placed an order to Tech 21 for a bunch of standard production stuff. I was told 6 to 8 weeks lead time.
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