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APH-1 ProII neck

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  • APH-1 ProII neck

    Just installed this pu on my Wolfgang today.
    For those who are seeking a balanced sweet tone, this thing has it in plenty.
    That one and the 59 are great neckpickups.
    Highly recommendable.
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    How does it hold up under high gain?
    I bet the lead tone is amazing on that pickup!


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      It is great......very even singing voice.
      Lots of that tranparent top......great pu for the Wolfgang.


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        slash has been using the aph for a long time and gets great tone with em


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          Yeah I can hear that...was an amusing experince
          But I really dig this neckpickup....along with my Demon in the bridge....
          compliments each other very nicely.


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            i never fail to be impressed when i kick on the 'drive' channel of my little fender deluxe 90 with nothing between my AIIPn and the amp but the cord ... it has such a sweet tone ... very nicely contoured mids ... rounded highs ... lows stay in check ... very inspiring tone to solo with ... and the AIIPn splits so nicely with the JBb for the 'prs style' combos ... it really is every bit as enjoyable as my '59n ... different, but every bit as sweet

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              Yeah I have the 59's as well, I love having lots of pickups