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Duncan replacement for the Gibson BB Pro?

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  • Duncan replacement for the Gibson BB Pro?

    Hi all!

    We had out first gig in weeks and I used the LP. My buddy in the audience said I had more clarity than before and a nice beefy LP tone...nice, pounding chunk! And that is with the stock BB Pros. I think I really like PAF style pickups.....deep lows......natural, modest mids, and sweet highs.
    I love the clarity.....I am thinking though I could get similar tone with the C-5 but a bit more output and push. Also, I think leads would sing a little more with the C-5. I have that p'up in a Korean Dean and leads are so sweet. I can see where it would take the LP/BBPro tone to the next level. I may not have to look at more expensive Fillmores and such. The C-5 is so smooth even in the Dean.

    I really like the BB Pro, but I wish I could get a pickup that has similar EQ but maybe better lead ontes with richer ands thicker harmonics. That is what I seem to get from the C-5 in my Dean.

    Do you guys have an idea how the C-5 balances with the Burstbucker Pro neck? Mostly for neck leads and combining the bridge and neck for clean. I think the 59 neck is a little muddy.....but I love the BB pro neck. PGn?

    If I can only get up the nerve to install in the LP without screwing
    something up. I think I'll have to open up the LP and trace the breidge p'up wires to ensure I remove the correct wires.

    Honestly.....I can get the BB Pro and C-5 fairly close at times, but the lead of the C-5 is so smooth and gorgeous...better harmonics.

    Maybe I'll just see what I can do and install the C-5 inthe bridge this week. Any thoughs on a neck to balance well for articulate leads and good cleans combined with the C-5?


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    I was so used to the dark quality of my BBQ that I didn't appreciate the clarity and highs the BB Pros bring to the table. I had a gig last night and they sounded great for the most part. I love the neck bucker, but the bridge bucker lacks some compared to say the Duncan C-5, especially in natural and artificial I struggle with the BB Pros bridge in that respect. The C-5 has a very forcefull lead tone. The BB Pro's is more mellow.......

    I like it for everything else though. I just don't want to lose all the good atributes going to the C-5 over the BB Pro.


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      C5/PGn is a remarkable combo in an LP. Luv mine.


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        Originally posted by BlueSnMettle
        C5/PGn is a remarkable combo in an LP. Luv mine.
        I am pretty much sold on the C-5 and that is what I have heard about the PGn.....thanks for confirming. I am not thrilled with the 59 as I find it a little muddy in the neck. I am first replacing the BB Pro bridge.......but I may have to replace the BB Pro neck with the PGn.