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    If there's anyone out there that has a wolfgang,I have a question.I have a wolfgang special and the floyd rose is on top of the body.I've seen the more expensive one's and the floyd is recessed like in the body.I figure you can have lower action with this setup.That's just my guess,if anyone knows I would appeciate a reply.By the way I love this site!!!!

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    Re: wolfgang guitar

    It sounds like your Floyd is set up to float. As far as I know, neither the Standard or Special Wolfgang models have a recessed Floyd. My Standard's Floyd sits directly at body level. Not lower, not higher. The guitars I've seen with recessed Floyds were routed so that the Floyd sat lower in the body. This does allow lower action, but the tradeoff is that you can't really push the bar down as far as you can with a non-recessed design.

    One thing I've found is that Wolfgangs need a perfect setup to play and sound their best. On some guitars, you can get away with a sloppy setup...the Wolf is not one of those. If you're having action problems, make sure the truss rod is adjusted so that the neck is nearly straight, with just a very small amount of relief. Then adjust the bridge height screws until you have the action set the way you like it, tighten the spring tension until the bridge no longer floats, and then reset the intonation.

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