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Custom in an HSS Strat with stock singles?

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  • Custom in an HSS Strat with stock singles?

    Anyone play an HSS Fat Strat with a Custom in the bridge, matched up with stock Fender single coils? I'm curious whether or not the Custom will overpower the singles or is it reasonably balanced?

    I currently have a Fat Strat with all-stock pups. The 2 SCN single coils are really nice (and I understand they're actually a little hotter than standard Strat pups) but I've about had it with the DH-1 humbucker. The only nice thing is that all pups are extrememly well-balanced with almost no voume changes.

    Or if anyone has any experience with mixing any Duncan 'bucker with standard Strat single coils I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Thanks!

    BTW, specs for the Fender DH-1 are DC resistance: 16.4k and the Custom is 14.1k. I know DC resistance is only part of the overall equation but this makes me think that the Custom wouldn't completely overpower the singles?

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    Re: Custom in an HSS Strat with stock singles?

    if you set the pup heights the custom should match up with the stock singles. youll probably have to use the green wire as hot so the pups are in phase


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      Re: Custom in an HSS Strat with stock singles?

      Thanks for the feedback. Y'know it hadn't even occurred to me that if there is an unacceptable difference in volume I could play with the pup height to try and balance things. Cool!