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Single-coil sized humbuckers???

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  • Single-coil sized humbuckers???

    I'm thinking of putting one into my my strat and want a 1)thicker sound not overly bright(but not limiting to just metal) and 2)be able to split it for some true strat quack. What would you recommend? Also, what kind of pots do you use eg 250k, 500k, tbx?

    FYI, I have three LP's with a custom, distortion, and a JB and want a similar sound out of the strat so I don't have to mess around with my amp settings( Marshall TSL60)

    Cheers Primo.
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    Re: Single-coil sized humbuckers???

    Although the sound of a humbucker comes from various things, the most important is the sapcing between the two coils. A single-coil sized humbucker cannot do that, although it could get some of the other characteristics right.