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What single coils with Dimarzio V-PAF?

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  • What single coils with Dimarzio V-PAF?

    I installed a Dimarzio Virtual PAF in the bridge pickup of my Strat. I'd like to find some single coils for the middle and neck but I don't know which pickups would best blend with the PAF. In case you're not familiar with it, the V-PAF (to me) sounds like a cross between a single coil and a humbucker. It's got the clarity of a single with the push of a humbucker. Has just the right elements of both. The single coils that I had were the Tex Mex models that came with the guitar. The two things that I did'nt like about them were: 1) The pole pieces for the high B and E strings did'nt line up at all with the strings. The strings actually lined up with the outer edges of the pickups themseles resulting in a dramatic drop in volume when I played a lead. 2) The pickups are very bassey to the point of being droney. You would'nt believe the angle I had the neck and middle pickups set at to combat the drone.
    So, a middle and neck single coil that would balance well with the V-PAF, and where the pole pieces actually line up with all of the strings. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your time.

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    What I meant to say about half way thru, was that the high B and E strings lined up with the outer edges of the pole pieces, not the pickups!! DUH!


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      Duncan wise, I'd go with a SSL-2 in the middle (provides that balanced tone that will complement the neck and the bridge) and the SSL-1 to provide that trademark vintage Fender tone. Sounds like it'd be heaven.
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        If you wnat to go with an all Dimarzio set that's completely noise less, I'd stick a pair of Virtual Vintage '54's in the neck and middle slot. It's a good sounding humfree strat pickup with a lot of jangle.
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          Okay, good suggestions so far. The big question that I asked is, do the pole pieces line up with the strings? As mentioned the high E and B strings lined up with the very outer edges of the pole pieces on the Tex Mex pickups! Whenever I bent the B string towards the pole piece I could hear a big increase in volume. Do the pole pieces on either Duncan or Dimarzio single coils line up with the strings? Thanks.


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            In my Jackson Soloist I have a Virtual PAf hum in the Bridge (F spaced) and a Virtual Vintage 54 in the neck. Sounds good and the strings line up with the pole pieces. But the Bridge is not the wide vintage strat spacing, which may be your issue. I have Duncan Antiquity single coils on my Strat with the wide vintage spaced bridge and the pole pieces line up. Sounds great too.
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