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Hot rails - New Pots??

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  • Hot rails - New Pots??

    Is it recommended to upgrade from a 250k volume pot to a 500k one after installing a hot rails pup. Ive heard that they can sound quite 'muddy' with a 250k pot? Is this true
    Wot do people recommend??
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    Re: Hot rails - New Pots??

    Yes, the 500k pot will add some high frequency and increase the output.
    In my opinion is a very good choice with the HR.
    If you have standard single coils in the other positions they may sound too treebly but I think you should change them anyway 'cause the output difference is simply too much from normal sc and the hr (IMO).



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      Re: Hot rails - New Pots??

      This might be more trouble than its worth, but for a fairly easy check, before you make any major changes to the guitar, you can always add a 250k resistor between the ground lug of the volume control and ground, to give you an idea of how it will sound with a 500k pot. Your volume control will only go halfway down while the resistor is in there, but at least it will answer the question for you.

      (The volume knob will still go to zero, only the volume itself will only go halfway.)

      Like this:


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        Re: Hot rails - New Pots??

        A 500k pot and a decent cap, such as an Orange Drop, really make a difference with the Hot Rails.