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500T vs EVO

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  • 500T vs EVO

    Hey everyone,

    I have a Gibson Flying V with the 496R/500T combo. I like the 496, and im kind of mixed on the 500T. Sometimes I can tweak it to sound pretty good, other times it is harsh and thin.

    I was thinking of buying a Custom/59 set and making it a Michael Schenker style guitar, but then I remembered I have a Dimarzio Evolution set lying around here that I might as well try 1st before buying new pu's

    My question is: Is there a big difference between the 500T and the Evo? Is it worth it to switch, or are they both so similar it's not worth it? The reason I ask is I hear them both described the same way: hot, bright, etc
    Quality riffs in about a minute...