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Installing duncans PU's, do I need all this stuff?

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  • Installing duncans PU's, do I need all this stuff?

    I have a gibson SG and I'm replacing the old PU's with Duncans. I'm installing a '59 for the neck PU, and a C-5 for the bridge PU. When I go to order these PU's on-line, they have a list of options. Cloth covered wire, Metal braided wire, Insulated wire, Copper foil, heat shrink, and Solder (fine or standard). I'm installing new pots and caps too, so I know I'll need the solder, but which, fine or standard? Do I need any of this extra wire to connect these PU's to my pots, or will the wire that comes on the PU's be long enough to reach? I may as well order everything I'm going to need all at once, but what? Am I going to need extra cloth wire, matel braided, insulated, do I need new copper foil? Could anyone help me out on this? This is my first time changing PU's and I really don't know what I going to need. Thanks...........

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    Other than some solder (I prefer the fine) and maybe a little 22-24 guage wire you should be fine. If you cut back your leads on the C-5 you will probably be left with enough scrap wire to jump the #1 terminals on the volume pots and the #3 terminals on the tone pots to chassis ground so wire may not be nesessary, but it's always good to have a little around.

    It's never a bad idea to sheild the control cavity with copper tape but with a HB guitar it's not nessessary.

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      So I should get alittle extra cloth covered wire or insulated wire?


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        Originally posted by mark129
        So I should get alittle extra cloth covered wire or insulated wire?
        ya, just get some 22-26 gauge insulated wire and the solder, that should be all you need for what your doing. It doesnt matter if you use fine or standard solder for what your doing


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          Most importantly, if you've never changed pots and caps,
          draw a little diagram of your controls, and take note of how it's all connected, so you don't run into problems. It's also a good idea
          to use a soft towel to cover the top of your guitar when you work.
          Nothing sucks more than dropping a screwdriver and marring your finish.

          Great choice on the pickups. You'll be happy.
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