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Need help with onboad tone contol for BassLines

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  • Need help with onboad tone contol for BassLines

    I have a Cort artisan 5 string fretless with Baselines pickups @ 18 volts. What do you think the best onboard eq/preamp would be? There are four pots right now two volume and two tone.
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    the STC-3 Tone circuit is my personal preference. It gives better control over eq. It's been a while since i've seen a bass with the STC-3 in it though, but if i remember correctly it has 5 pots, which means you'd have to drill another hole. If you're opposed to that idea, i believe that the STC-2 should do what you want, without drilling any new holes in the body.
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      You can also get the STC-3 with four pots. Volume, pan, middle, and treble/bass on a concentric.
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        The standard tone circuits are all four knob. The MM tone circuits come with either 3 or 4 knobs. None are 5 knob.

        I would always opt for the three band circuit if possible. They don't cost that much more and IMHO the mid control is really important for bass. Just be sure you specify the circuit for active pickups to match your active pickups.


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          Re: Need help with onboad tone contol for BassLines

          Hey!!! Thank you all for the info. I ordered an STC-3A. I'll let you know how it sounds.