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how is the dimebucker.. really?

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  • how is the dimebucker.. really?

    I was reading harmony central's user reviews for the dimebucker, and i saw a lot of negative stuff about it.. anybody here have anything different to say? i was considering putting one in my goth explorer. Is it a good pup??
    custom rg 270dx w/hb101 neck
    epi goth explorer, w/jazz neck+JB bridge

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    Re: how is the dimebucker.. really?

    I don't have any sound clips to post. But I have one in my Epiphone and I love it. Its great uder high gain, very tight, spongy distortion. Great pick definition, and screaming harmonics. It is not a forgiving pup though, so if your chops aren't right on it will pick up everything. But that's what I like about it. If you want cleans, it does these nicely too with no distorition at all. It is a high output pup, and can be harsh and middy at times, but I tone this down using the EQ on my amp and its fine. I've used a JB, Hot Rails, and Custom in the bridge slot, and so far I like the Dime best. (although JB is nice, and none of them are bad at all) I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a high output pup that can do various forms of metal/punk/rock.