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new multimeter...what am I doing!?

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    Re: new multimeter...what am I doing!?

    Originally posted by Fusion1
    So to get a combined coil reading on a 4 conductor pickup I would do what exactly? One probe on green and the other red? (hot and ground)
    Yeah, with the black and white wires connected to each other and of course not touching ... Of course you could tie the red and green togther and use the black and white, you can also reverse which probe goes to hot, and which to ground ... but I don't want to confuse the issue. Resistance on a pup is bilateral, meaning it's not sensitive to polarity whatsoever.
    On a Duncan you'd connect black start of north coil...slug coil)to red probe (hot) white(finish of north coil) tied to red (finish of south coil... screw coil), and green (starts of south coil) to ground (black probe).
    Get a good connection also,especially with those tied leads, do it at room temp.Those insulated alligator clip adaptors that slip over your probes make it much easier,even so they are a bit bigger than needed. PCB micro clips are ideal. They certainly aren't needed though.
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      Re: new multimeter...what am I doing!?

      Thanks Kent. Will Radio Shack sell those special alligator clips that fit over the probes? Would definately come in handy as now its hard to keep the probes on there without pinching them to the wire with thumb and forefinger and I think that alters the reading.